Auger and Archimede’s screw

The “S” type spirals technologically represent the best of what the market can offer regarding quality, accuracy, sturdiness and durability.
The “R” type spirals are a combination of reliability in use, quickness in assembly and economization. The “price-quality” ratio is very interesting for normal use. These spirals are available in store, ready for delivery.
The Bertuzzo flexible spirals guarantee great flexibility, torsion resistance and perfect functioning of the curves.
I settori stampati eseguiti mediante stampaggio a freddo, uniscono la precisione e la facilità di montaggio alla durezza e resistenza all’usura desiderati.

All our auger spirals are built using certified high-quality raw materials. Upon request, certificates can be sent to the customer for product verification upon delivery

Efficiency and innovation in metal spirals: advanced solutions for Auger spirals

Auger spirals and metal spirals for augers are essential components applied across a wide range of industries, from material handling to food processing, proving indispensable for their efficiency and reliability.

Auger spirals, crafted with cutting-edge technologies, stand out for their robustness and precision. The choice of material plays a crucial role, with stainless steel spirals representing the ideal solution for aggressive environments or contact with food, thanks to their corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. These spirals, in particular, ensure long-lasting and optimal operation, reducing machine downtime and maintenance costs.

Auger spirals are designed to adapt to various application needs, offering customized solutions that meet specific customer requirements. Whether it's transporting powder, granules, or larger-sized pieces, there is an auger spiral suitable for every need. Careful design and tailor-made production ensure that each auger spiral seamlessly integrates into existing systems, optimizing material flow and enhancing production efficiency.

Continuous innovation and attention to detail are key elements in the production of metal spirals for augers. Through the use of advanced technologies and high-quality materials, it is ensured that each component delivers superior performance, wear resistance, and long-term reliability. This approach not only enhances machine performance but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and extending the lifespan of the plants.

In conclusion, auger spirals and their respective variants represent an essential solution for multiple industrial applications. Choosing high-quality spirals, like all products offered by Costruzioni Meccaniche Bertuzzo, translates into added value for businesses seeking efficiency, reliability, and durability over time. Investing in excellent quality components means ensuring optimal plant operation, with tangible benefits in terms of productivity and operational cost reduction.

Need a tailor-made product?

Contact our technical department, we offer in addition to much experience and expertise, feasibility study, design, use of the best material available on the market in order to offer a quality product

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