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With over 70 years of experience, Costruzioni Meccaniche Bertuzzo Srl, based in the province of Vicenza - Northern Italy - specializes in the construction of spirals: auger construction, steel spirals, flexible spirals, auger spirals and other products. Its scope extends both nationally and internationally, distinguishing itself for the quality of its products aimed at key sectors such as: agriculture, food industry, construction, livestock, earth handling, oil transfer and not only.

Quality, Research, and Innovation

A reliable guardian of quality, auger building company Bertuzzo Srl has successfully combined long-standing experience with innovation, showing to care about the changing needs of the market. Bertuzzo Srl has always embraced research and development, investing in new technologies and placing particular emphasis on the quality of its products. The service and technical support offered are equally well-managed, ensuring each customer receives comprehensive and competent support.

A 70-Year History

Founded in 1952 by Mr. Giovanni Bertuzzo, the father of the current owner, Mr. Giuseppe Bertuzzo, the company initially started as a craftsmanship business. Initially specializing in mechanical processing until 1960, it later expanded its expertise, emerging as a key player in the construction of augers and mechanical spirals. The year 1990 marked a further step forward, with the introduction of reducers into the range of products offered.

Today, our product range includes:

Continuous metal flights

Sectional metal flights

Auger screws and vertical conical auger screws

Gear box for rotary rakes

Design and manufacturing of mechanical parts to customer’s specifications
and/or according to customer’s technical specification

In over 70 years, Bertuzzo Srl has established itself as a reference point in the design and construction of augers, continuous steel spirals, cold pressed spirals, rotary gears, shaftless screw, horizontal and vertical augers. Additionally, the company offers a tailor-made service, designing and manufacturing mechanical parts according to customer technical specifications.

The constant evolution over the years concerns not only construction techniques but also product quality. The range of available models is continuously enriched and diversified, to meet the growing needs of customers. Before the start of augers’ construction, all products undergo a rigorous design and verification process using CAD/CAM tools, ensuring high standards and reliable performance.

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The expertise in spiral construction: innovation and quality

Over time, Costruzioni Meccaniche Bertuzzo has become a landmark in the spiral sector, thanks to its expertise, know-how, and constant ability to innovation. The metal spirals and augers produced by the company are the result of meticulous design and cutting-edge production processes. Essential in different industrial sectors, these components ensure efficiency and are produced in various types: continuous metal spirals, flexible spirals, sectional flights and shaftless spirals.

The production of spirals involves careful material selection and advanced processing techniques, ensuring high-quality final products that perfectly meet customer needs in terms of strength, durability, and performance.

The team of experts at Bertuzzo Srl pays special attention to research and development, regularly introducing innovations that improve the functional characteristics of the spirals. This commitment to continuous technological evolution allows for tailor-made solutions for specific applications, such as the transport of grains in agriculture, the handling of food products in the industry, or use in construction and farming machinery. With a constant focus on quality and reliability, the spirals built by Bertuzzo Srl are synonymous with excellence and precision, positioning the company among the market leaders at both national and international levels.


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Need a tailor-made product?

Contact our technical department, we offer in addition to much experience and expertise, feasibility study, design, use of the best material available on the market in order to offer a quality product

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