Horizontal and vertical augers

The company Bertuzzo Srl specializes in the construction of both horizontal augers and vertical augers, featuring continuous or segment-forged spirals. Our augers are designed with cylindrical, conical, or customized profiles to meet specific customer requirements.


Bertuzzo Srl's augers find applications across various business sectors, including: food industry, milling industry, chemical industry, animal feed processing. Additionally, our augers are employed in earth handling machinery, drilling, transport of sand and similar materials, as well as in brick-making. We provide solutions for the oenological, olive oil, agricultural sectors, and the fabrication of "unifeed" mixer wagons for animal nutrition. Furthermore, Bertuzzo Srl serves as an ideal partner in water treatment and purification plants.


Bertuzzo Srl utilizes a high-quality range of steel for its augers, ensuring strength and durability in various manufacturing processes. If you're seeking excellent quality augers, you're in the right place! The composition of Bertuzzo augers includes the following materials:

  • FE360B(1.0037); FE510B(1.0045) for normal use.
  • AISI304(1.4301); AISI316(1.4404); AISI316T(1.4571); AISI3105(1.4845) for use in the food industry, corrosive ambients and high temperatures.
  • HB400(1.8715) and similar for use with materials particularly abrasive.
  • RE700(N/am2)(1.8974) high resistance.

S235JR (1.0037): Structural carbon steel with a minimum tensile strength of 235 MPa, suitable for standardized test temperatures.

S275JR (1.0044): Another structural carbon steel with a minimum tensile strength of 275 MPa, suitable for standardized test temperatures.

S355JR (1.0045): Structural carbon steel with a minimum tensile strength of 355 MPa, adaptable to standardized test temperatures.

AISI304 (1.4301): Austenitic stainless steel known for its excellent corrosion resistance, ideal for various applications, especially in the food and chemical industries.

AISI316 (1.4404): Another type of austenitic stainless steel offering higher corrosion resistance than AISI 304, making it suitable for more aggressive environments, such as marine settings.

AISI310S (1.4845): Stainless steel known for its high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, often used in applications like industrial furnaces and heating systems.

HB400 (1.8715): Wear-resistant plate with a Brinell hardness of 400 HB, commonly used in applications requiring high abrasion resistance, such as machine parts subject to wear.

RE700 (N/am2) (1.8974): High-strength steel often used in applications requiring significant mechanical strength, such as engineering structures.

Check the specifications of the materials used in our augers by referring to the dedicated pages for horizontal and vertical augers.

Our commitment to continuous research for optimal solutions is reflected in our ability to offer reliable and durable products, that exceed our customers' expectations. Discover the best vertical augers and horizontal augers in Bertuzzo srl!

Construction of horizontal and vertical augers for every need

The construction of the augers, both horizontal and vertical, at Bertuzzo Srl follows meticulous processes that guarantee maximum quality and precision. Each auger is designed to meet specific customer needs, which implies a high degree of customization.

Our augers are made with the latest generation machinery, which ensures uniformity and robustness. The cylindrical and conical profiles are carefully shaped to optimize material flow, reducing wear and improving operational efficiency.

In the construction process of the augers, Bertuzzo srl employs advanced welding techniques and heat treatments to ensure the structural strength of the components. The choice of high quality and resistant materials is at the center of the entire process to ensure the longevity of the augers, especially in corrosive or high-temperature environments. This is particularly important for applications in the food and chemical industries, where auger mixers must maintain high performance without contaminating the processed products.

There are many industrial sectors which require the construction of an auger, both horizontal and vertical. For example, in the milling industry augers are essential for the efficient transport of grain. In the wine industry, they are used for handling grapes and seeds, ensuring gentle treatment of the raw materials to preserve the quality of the final product. Even in the field of drilling and earthmoving, Bertuzzo Srl augers are appreciated for their robustness and reliability, essential qualities for operating in difficult conditions.

In addition to the construction of augers for standard uses, Bertuzzo Srl also offers customized solutions tailored to specialized applications. This tailor-made approach allows us to satisfy the specific needs of each customer, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability of the equipment. Our ability to design and construct customized augers makes us an ideal partner for companies operating in highly specialized sectors, where the technical characteristics of the augers can make the difference between operational success and failure.

Need a tailor-made product?

Contact our technical department, we offer in addition to much experience and expertise, feasibility study, design, use of the best material available on the market in order to offer a quality product

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