Horizontal augers


Bertuzzo Srl manufactures finished horizontal augers, such as continuous augers or segment-forged screws, both cylindrical and conical, and complete shafts.

Our augers are normally used:

  • in food industry, milling industry, chemical industry and animal feed industry.
  • for the processing of meat waste.
  • for earth handling machinery, drilling, transport of sand and similar materials, extruders, wine and oil field, agriculture, unified feeders for animal feeding.
  • wastewater treatment plants.


  • FE360B(1.0037); FE510B(1.0045) for normal use.
  • AISI304(1.4301); AISI316(1.4404); AISI316T(1.4571); AISI3105(1.4845) for use in the food industry, corrosive ambients and high temperatures.
  • HB400(1.8715) and similar for use with materials particularly abrasive.
  • RE700(N/am2)(1.8974) high resistance.