Shaftless Screw

Costruzioni Meccaniche BERTUZZO S.r.l. is a specialized manufacturer of “High Thickness Shaftless Spirals”

obtained from a single  section of 140 × 30 mm maximum.


  • Normal steel S235JR e S355JR
  • Stainless steel (Aisi 304, Aisi 316 and all the series 300).
  • The High Thickness Shaftless      Spiralsare mounted in conveyors without the need for central      supports and terminals thus increasing transport capacity and reducing blocking      resistance.

This system makes them ideal for: Thin and irregular products, sticky waste ranging in size, volume, or moisture and dry solids.

  • The High      Thickness Shaftless Spirals allow higher replenishment rates      and low rpm, resulting in less wear and less maintenance time.
  • The “High Thickness      Shaftless Spirals” are employed in various industries including: paper      mills, water treatment plants, incineration plants, waste disposal plants,      sawmills, sediment separators, wastewater treatment plants, slaughterhouse      waste, etc.
  •  Typical materials that      are handled are: solid fuels, pulper rejects, wood chips, sawdust,      pellets, sludge, waste, chemicals, plastic granules, dust, etc.
  • The “ High Thickness Shaftless Spirals are      manufactured upon specific request of the customer.


D from 100 to 500 mm
S from 12 to 30 mm

D=outer diameter – S=thickness