Horizontal and vertical augers

Archimede’s screw is a steel or carbon screw that can tranfer various material like fluid, solid or sandy material, or each other which has been shattered, from a ground elevation to another one.

The Archimede’s screw, generally, consist of a great-size screw which is slot in a bigger pipe. The last one take place into the material that must be lifted up and, with the rotation of the screw, every rev some material has taked in. The matter taked has been boosted to the other side. The material, now, has been gathered in a build-up pond.

Obviously to do this operation it needs an external energy taken from animals, farm tractors, etc..

Not always¬†Archimede’s screws are watertight because loss are very reduced: the material lost in rotation will be recovered at the next rev.

The capacity depends on length of products and, sometimes, is used more screws in series to do this operation.

There are 3 categories of Archimede’s screws:

To extraction: to extract material from column;

To route material: capacity is defined in construction;

Reversible screws: have many drain and permit inversion of rotation’s direction.

(to see some examples of  how they work visit Media page)